The Best Option for Your Health Maintenance, by Emily Rowden Fournier

Whether you are young or old, things can happen to make you no longer able to care for yourself. It is a frightening truth. However, home health care is a way to give people who have loss of abilities to participate in a well-lived and meaningful life.

Services that are offered to people depend on the person’s individual need. You are the person that matters; nothing about home care is cookie cutter. As stated in a recent proclamation signed by Governor LePage of Maine on October 15, 2012, “Home care is the most preferred method of health care delivery among disabled, elderly, and chronically ill individuals eager to live independently in their own homes as long as the possibly can.” There is a lot to take in while deciphering what services are best for you, however, most fit within 2 categories: PSS and nursing.

Personal Support Specialist (PSS) services involve helping you participate in Activities of Daily Living as well as some general housekeeping. By providing an all-inclusive service, the worker gives you a better quality of life. Imagine how great it is to not have to worry about exhausting yourself to vacuum and do dishes, especially if it hurts to stand for a long period of time, and also know that someone will help you with bathing and dressing. A PSS works with you to help you in the areas you need help, with both personal care and care of your environment. For a person who is not able to take complete care of himself/herself, whatever the reason, PSS services will give him or her the independence that he/she needs while providing the services they require.

Anyone who has spent a day in a hospital knows that it is an uncomfortable place. Although the beds are made to be welcoming, it is not your bed and you do not have access to your personal possessions should you want them. Having a nurse come to your home to care for either short or long term situations can be a relief. Nurses are able to provide your PCP with information about your medical situations while avoiding weekly office visits. They can help with medical advice or treatment, wound care, medication preparations, and much more. This compassionate care can be provided for both short term and long term medical needs. Many types of in home nursing can be paid for by your health care insurance provider at little or no cost to you.

Living at home is always the best option. It gives us a sense of who we are and the feeling of independence. We have control over our homes, which may not be true of other facilities. Home is where our families gather. “Home care services allow families to stay together, and provide for greater health, dignity and comfort,” Gov. LePage signed. With home care, you can still enjoy the activities that you want to participate in, have the security of your own home, and participate in the decisions of your health care treatment.

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