Assistance Plus can help you find long-term care, in-home medical services, or any other kind of support in Wilton. Our professionals have been recognized as the best caregivers in the state, and with our extensive home health care services, you and your loved ones can choose the best solutions for your situation. The following mentioned below are some of the services we provide in Wilton, Maine.


Mental Health Care In Wilton

At Assistance Plus, we understand that mental and physical health are inextricably linked. A person's standard of living can be improved by even the most minor adjustments, which we see every day in our job. It is our honor to serve as a trusted ally in the care of your loved ones. By cooperating, we can demonstrate the incredible benefits that can be achieved when well-being and mental health are prioritized in primary care.

It is our goal to make your loved one as happy and healthy as possible, which is why we have tailored our mental health care services to meet their specific needs. You and your dear ones can work collaboratively, stay safe, and feel connected through these periods of change if you're aware and proactive about your preparations.


Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health is associated with how one's actions are linked to and affect one's mental, bodily, and emotional health. Stress, sadness, worry or nervousness, relationship difficulties and sorrow, and mood disorders are things we can make a difference with if they're getting in the way of your everyday duties.

When you contact our clinic, we can schedule a date for you to speak with your healthcare professional about your concerns. They will go over possibilities with you and link you up with our experienced behavioral health specialists after your conversation.

Your worries will be addressed, and you will receive constructive advice and assistance in developing coping mechanisms. Using the resources available, we aim to help you achieve emotional and mental stability and a better lifestyle.


Nursing Services In Wilton

For people with the utmost critical healthcare demands, Assistance Plus has designed a complete nursing service program that provides nursing care and assistance services. Assistance Plus has a division dedicated to working with households to meet all of your comprehensive nursing requirements.

Our sophisticated care case managers possess years of expertise in helping households, guiding them to comprehend, negotiate and adapt to daily living. They are here to help you.

Adult care, specialized nursing visitation, as well as case management services are provided by a

team of licensed experts that have extensive experience in the field. To ensure that your loved one receives the best home care possible, our medical supervisors and trained support personnel will work directly with your healthcare staff.


Get In Touch With Us In Wilton

For any questions, feel free to contact our office in Wilton, Maine. Answering your inquiries and giving extra information are top priorities for the members of our staff here at Assistance Plus.