Assistance Plus is a community welfare institution in Augusta that provides behavioral health, home health care, and developmental services. Adults, adolescents, and children with mental illness and/or learning impairments are all served by our department of behavioral mental health. Supportive Services for the elderly and disabled, such as elderly care, are available through our long-term care department.

In addition to that, individualized community and home supports, as well as group-based community supports, are all part of our developmental department's service to individuals with intellectual impairments and autism spectrum disorders. We provide all of our assistance to patients in their homes or nearby neighborhoods to bolster their sense of self-sufficiency.

We can design our environment to meet the needs of our patients. We can assist our patients in growing by cultivating meaningful, long-lasting relationships with them while we stimulate progress based on what we know to be effective. It is our goal to gain more control over our surroundings while also creating an inclusive community in which everyone can feel included and appreciated.


Mental Health Care In Augusta

Our staff at Assistance Plus is well-versed in identifying the distinct needs of each patient that comes through our doors, allowing us to tailor each treatment plan to match your exact requirements. Simply put, we find the best strategy to assist you in realizing your particular goals for mental wellness and well-being.

As a patient, you can anticipate being addressed with respect and dignity in a secure setting as you engage with your healthcare professional to address your psychological issues and concerns.

As a non-judgmental, courteous, and compassionate community, Assistance Plus caregivers handle each patient in a non-discriminatory manner. To help each of our clients overcome hardship, we consider their unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and personalities when establishing a tailored therapy plan.


Disability Support Services InAugusta

Throughout Augusta, Assistance Plus offers a wide range of programs and assistance to individuals with IDD. The goal of our IDD programs is to help persons with disabilities achieve their goals of self-improvement, enhanced independence, and social inclusion in their communities.

For patients with disabilities, we offer a wide range of programs to help them realize their personal and professional objectives, create and maintain meaningful relationships within the community, and more.

Supported employment programs are also available to assist people with disabilities in finding and keeping jobs, as well as providing them with the education and training they need to be self-sufficient in their work environment.


Behavioral Health Services InAugusta

For children and adults, Assistance Plus behavioral health programs in Augusta provide a wide range of mental health programs and services, all of which are delivered by skilled and caring experts. People can get the help they need no matter where they are, whether it's at one of our offices or in their homes or communities.