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    Please note you must have at least average experience with all the below items in order to take the on-line course. Also, Microsoft Word must be installed on your computer to be able to open documents from Assistance Plus.
  • Pursuant to Maine State Law, all home health workers must pass a Maine State Criminal Check. The criminal background check will be performed before you may take this PSS course. If you are applying:
    • As an individual (no company or Assistance Plus sponsor), please call the HR Department for specifics regarding the $21.00 payment for your criminal check. Please sign below authorizing and acknowledging Assistance Plus to run your background check
    • Through another agency/funding source, please have your agency run the criminal background check and forward a copy of the findings to Assistance Plus.
    Student Permission: Your signature allows us to communicate directly with your employer or agency/ funding source on a regular basis regarding your progress during the on-line PSS training. At a minimum, your employer or agency/funding source will receive monthly updates. You signature indicates that the above information is true and that you intend to enroll and participate in the Online PSS Course.

    Registration/Payment: Registration forms and agreements will be held for 30 days. If registration is not complete within 30 days the applicant must re-register in order to participate in the course. Registration is not complete until full payment has been received. A letter of registration confirmation will be emailed to the student after all forms and payments have been received. This email also contains the necessary information to access the Assistance Plus Educational Website, and includes your user name and password. Please allow 48 hours from receipt of registration for processing your information.

    Course Philosophy
    The personal support specialist program is designed to teach students the skills, knowledge, and values needed in health care and human service fields. Successful completion of the personal support specialist training qualifies an individual to provide direct support to consumers in assisted living programs, residential care facilities, adult day service programs, and home care settings.

    Course Description
    The personal support specialist program teaches basic fundamental skills as required by the prescribed curriculum approved by DHHS/OADS (Office of Aging and Disability Services). The program consists of the fifteen modules listed below:
    1. Entering the health care and human service fields
    2. Basic work skills and job maintenance
    3. Legal and ethical aspects of care
    4. Communication
    5. Observation, reporting, and documentation
    6. Health, safety, and fire prevention
    7. Introduction to job skills
    8. Understanding the consumer as an individual
    9. Concepts of aging and illness
    10. Safety
    11. Instrumental activities of daily living
    12. Transfers and activities of daily living
    13. Consumer emergencies
    14. Approaches to teaching procedures
    15. Skills lab preparation
    The final exam and clinical demonstration is given on site at 11 East Street, Benton, ME 04901.  Assistance Plus is not able to accommodate requests for alternate skills training sites.

    Trainer: Johnna Bowen, RN


    1. Agency employees must complete this course within six months of their hire date.
    2. When applicable, applicants must be in good standing with the CNA Registry.
    3. .The State of Maine requires healthcare providers to perform criminal background checks on all new employees to protect clients and their families. Although you may obtain certification, anyone with a criminal conviction of client abuse, neglect, exploitation, violence, and/or sexual abuse against any victim or a criminal conviction classified as A, B, C, D or E within the past ten (10) years will not be considered for employment (state law). If these charges are over ten years, agencies may, at their discretion, hire. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the HR Department. Please bring a photo ID to the skills lab.
    Grading Policies
    1. Class participation: 30%. Answer module questions provided by the instructor. In order to obtain full credit, students must complete the work in the following order: read module, turn in homework, and take the test. Not complying with this order will result in a grade deduction.
    2. Skills demonstration: 30%. Must obtain a grade of 100.
    3. Module tests: 30%. Students may retake a failed test up to two times with a maximum retake grade of 70.
    4. Final exam: 10%. Fifty (50) random questions from all modules. A passing grade of 70 must be obtained. Students may retake a final exam two additional times. However, with a retake, the highest score you will receive is 70.
    5. Passing grade for the personal support specialist course is 80.
    6. Students must pass the fifteen modules and skills demonstration to successfully complete the personal support specialist course.
    Student Policies
    1. Students are required to complete the homework assignments and readings to meet the “classroom participation” piece of this course. Students must complete the reading for each module. After reading, students will submit the homework by email (, mail, or fax and then take the test. Please do not skip ahead to another module. Each module must be completed in sequence. Students are also graded on behavior, timeliness, following academic policies, and cooperation
    2. Cheating will mean an automatic dismissal from this course. Cheating includes: copying answers to homework questions from the text, study guides, or previously printed material, copying assignments from other students, looking up answers to quiz questions while the quiz is being taken, and copying test answers from other students. Not completing reading and homework before taking a test is considered cheating that will result in a grade deduction. Students caught copying answers for homework will be contacted with a warning: if caught cheating again, students will be removed from the course. There are no refunds for students found cheating. If a student wants to retake the course, full payment is required.
    3. Assistance Plus will serve a written e-mail notice of probation or dismissal when the student fails to meet the academic requirements, unsatisfactory clinical performance, unacceptable behaviors, and/or poor attendance. Probation or dismissal will be based on the severity of breach of Agency policy. Instructors will attempt to reach the student by email when a failing grade is possible or possible cheating has been identified.
    4. Any inactive students will be removed from the course after 60 days of inactivity, or last documented access, of the online course. If the student wishes to continue after 60 days s/he will have to pay a $25 re-enrollment fee and contact the instructor to be put back in the course.
    5. Any student who does not log on to the course within 30 days of enrollment will be removed from the course. If the student wishes to continue, s/he will have to pay a $25 re-enrollment fee and contact the instructor to be put back in the course.
    Tuition Fee
    The tuition for this course is $200 and must be paid prior to the start of the training program. We accept checks, cash, money orders, and credit cards. Checks must be made payable to Assistance Plus and mailed to the Finance Department. Arrangements may be made with our Finance Department for installment payments (all of which must be paid prior to starting course). Once complete payment has been made, the student may begin the on-line personal support specialist training course. Assistance Plus will send instructions to the student in a welcome letter regarding access to the on-line training program. The tuition covers all on-line materials. The course manual may be downloaded and printed by the student. A student may purchase a manual for $30.00. Assistance Plus reserves the right to suspend a student’s access to the website at anytime for not complying with any part of the student agreement. Access to our educational website is granted for only nine (9) months. If the student has not completed the on-line portion of this course after nine (9) months, the student will be removed from the course without a refund. The skills lab/final exam must be completed within three (3) months of the on-line course completion.

    Refund Policy

    Table of Tuition Refund

    Students who withdraw prior to skills lab and give at least 48-hours cancellation notice. Full refund less $25 application fee
    Students who withdraw prior to skills lab and give less than 48-hours cancellation notice. Fifty percent (50%) refund less $25 application fee
    Students who withdraw after the skills lab starts. No refund
    Students who fail the course, are found cheating, or did not follow the student policies. No refund
    All requests for refunds must be made in writing and submitted to the Finance Manager, Assistance Plus. Please allow four to six weeks for a refund.

    If a student has a complaint concerning his/her education, please contact the Human Resources Department. Every consideration will be given to resolve the issue satisfactorily for all parties.
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A final copy of this agreement will be placed in your student file. A copy is available on request.