Daily Living and Skills Development Services for Adults

Daily Living Skills (DLS) and Skills Development (SD) are adult programs which serve individuals with a behavioral health diagnosis and clients with a dual diagnosis of behavioral health and intellectual disabilities. The client’s current level of functioning will determine which program will best promote independence.

The Daily Living Skills program tasks supports cooking, cleaning, medication management, grocery shopping, financial management, socialization, managing appointments, developing coping skills, and increasing safety.

The Skills Development program supports client at a slightly higher level of independence. SD works on daily living, but also assists the client in seeking employment, pursuing further education, and preparing for interviews.

Both programs use individualized treatment planning process to identify the goal areas the client and field staff will focus on to build independence. Staff is carefully matched to the client by the supervisor. The treatment plan is reviewed and revised quarterly to ensure progress is being made.

Supervisors and field staff are trained in crisis intervention and CPR/First Aid. In addition to these trainings, case managers are provided with quality clinical supervision and training opportunities intended to build their knowledge of the latest practices in working with adults who have mental health challenges.

Eligibility Criteria

  • qualifying mental health diagnosis
  • Active Mainecare
  • MR Clients only require a LOCUS score, qualifying mental health diagnosis and active Mainecare