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The Best Option for Your Health Maintenance, by Emily Rowden Fournier

Whether you are young or old, things can happen to make you no longer able to care for yourself. It is a frightening truth. However, home health care is a way to give people who have loss of abilities to

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Start Home Care, by Emily Rowden Fournier

Starting home care can be a scary thing. There is so much to consider when choosing a provider. Some questions always come to mind regarding your safety and the safety of your property, your needs, and even whether or not

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How I Met My Cousin, by Emily Rowden Fournier

We all know the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” In many cases this is true. How would your reaction differ if someone said they would give you a hundred dollars or if someone actually handed you a hundred dollars?

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9 Mental Disorders and How to Spot Them

Mental illnesses can appear over time. Not every person who has a mental illness is born with the signs and symptoms of one. Some appear at certain times in one’s life. Here are 9 mental disorders, when the signs and

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10 Ways to Help Mom Feel Involved With the Holidays, by Emily Rowden Fournier

Mom always made the holidays warm and special. She spent hours baking yummy cookies, trimming the tree, and long nights carefully wrapping each present so you wouldn’t see. She yearned for the excitement in your eyes when you received your

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