Group Therapies for Adults

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) groups are available for adult clients at our Wilton Campus.

DBT was developed by Marsha Linnehan in 1981 and is now considered an evidenced-based approach to treatment. Here at Assistance Plus we use the guiding principles set forth by its founder. The intention of DBT treatment is to:

  1. Expand and sustain the motivation the client possess to facilitate transformation
  2. Provide opportunity for the client’s skill set to be further developed
  3. Assimilates the client’s new skill set to be applicable in multiple relevant situations and circumstances
  4. Develops the therapist’s own abilities while increasing the therapist’s desire to be effective and willing to treat people
  5. Provides non-judgmental and secure environment in which the healing process can occur

To better serve our communities, Assistance Plus behavioral health services has plans to expand our group therapy services to assure children have access to group therapy sessions.

Additional group therapy sessions will include child play, parenting, and anger management.