About Us

Our mission: By supporting and caring for people at all points in life, together we can make a difference. For home health care, skills development, and behavioral health services by providing quality, individualized care to promote independence. By working with clients in their own homes and communities, and collaborating with other providers, we enhance the overall health of those we serve. We offer reassurance for clients and their families by providing supportive services through our well-trained and compassionate staff.

Assistance Plus is a social service and medical agency providing home health care, developmental disabilities, and behavioral health services for all ages in the State of Maine. Our offices are strategically located in Benton, Brunswick, and Wilton to meet the ever-growing demands of healthcare.

Our long term care department provides personal supportive care, companionship, and homemaker services to adults, the elderly, and medically-needy children. Skilled nursing is one of our signature services and has gained us significant recognition and client satisfaction. Our nurses provide professional, clinical oversight for the fragile, medically-unstable clientele we serve.

We offer several programs for adults with behavioral health disorders and/or intellectual disabilities. Our most popular program is community integration. Our case managers provide intensive support to assure the basic needs of individuals are met by providing direct assistance and guidance during difficult times. One-on-one support is available for individuals requiring in-home and community support to strengthen skills and independence when transitional and difficult situations have disrupted their lives. Individual/group therapy are additional services we offer to assure stabilization and improved patient outcomes.

Our comprehensive children’s programs have gained us community recognition. Targeted case management provides advocacy and assistance for children with behavioral health disorders, and intellectual disabilities. In-home and community support services provides growth in socialization, behavior modification, and skill-building. Outpatient therapy is also available to assist in individual situations.

As a community service agency, we will continue to respond to unmet needs and strive for superior services to assure that individuals receive the necessary assistance to promote independence and well-being.